Our primary purpose is to stay free from lip balm and to help others achieve the same freedom.

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The First
Step Towards
Solving the
is Admitting
You Have One!

The Industry of Addiction

Includes a complete list of World's Most Beautiful Lips winners.

Chap Stick Conspiracy
Just like the corner drug dealer.

Learn about the (crime) family-run company.

Vaseline Lip Therapy
Pulling our chains two different ways!

Mentholatum Co.
Using marketing on all fronts!

Sex Sells
How the Body Shop and others are doing it.

Un-Petroleum Products
Addicting your lips... naturally!

Lip Balm Drug Connection
Shocking new evidence that will make you believe!

The Marketing of Lip Balm
Secret documents show we're not making this up!

Balm for the Holidays
Balm is showing up in Christmas stockings!

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers
Getting your kids hooked is their primary goal.

The Nightmare Never Ends
See what else is in store for your children.

The Future of Lip Balm
New sizes and homeopathic effects keep the market going.

The Web of Addiction
Lip balm on the World-Wide Web.

Start Your Recovery Here!

Is Lip Balm Addictive?
Read what the "experts" say about this question.

Ask Lip Balm Anonymous
Where we answer questions from members and well-wishers.

Self Evaluation and Testimony of Addiction
See if you have a problem with lip balm dependency.

12 Steps and Testimony of Recovery
Need help quitting? Follow the 12 steps!

Addict Denial Page
For those who can't admit they have a problem.

The "I Hate LBA" Page
Some people just don't get it...

Testimony Archive
A large (160K) archive of testimony from around the world.

Lip Balm Anonymous Information

The History of Lip Balm Anonymous
Includes a list of major recent changes to our pages.

How You Can Help Lip Balm Anonymous
Includes a list of pages that link to LBA, as well our page's awards.

Lip Balm Anonymous News

Big article about lip balm addiction from The Baltimore Sun (11/03/2008).

Testimony of the Week

"I too am a lip balm addict. It all began for me on a Christmas morning in the early 1980s when Santa Claus gave me this. A Dr. Pepper Chap Stick. My life has never been the same since. But for me, and for millions of others, there is help out there."
Amy Robach, NBC News

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Lip Balm Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from their addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using lip balm and there are never any fees for membership as we are self supported through our own contributions. We are not affiliated with any sect, denomination, political organization, or institution.

The Lip Balm Anonymous Home Page is produced by members and affiliates of Lip Balm Anonymous. While our pain and addiction do not obviously compare to the horrors our brothers and sisters suffering from alcohol or narcotics addiction are feeling, Lip Balm Anonymous supports those members of other 12-step programs and no harm or slight is intended by this page.

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