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Blistex Winners By Year

Blistex World's Most Beautiful Lips
Name Year Claim to Fame Title
Mikhail Baryshnikov 1980 Ballet star most graceful lips
John Belushi 1980 Comedian most laugh-able lips
Yvonne Goolagong 1980 Tennis player love-liest lips
Deborah Harry 1980 Rock star flashiest lips
Frank Langella 1980 Actor (Dracula) most bloodthirsty lips
Sophia Loren 1980 Actress most sensuous lips
Paloma Picasso 1980 Gem designer most designing lips
Diana Ross 1980 Singer most melodic lips
Doc Severinsen 1980 Bandleader coolest lips
Loretta Swit 1980 TV star hottest lips
Lynn Swan 1980 Football player most receptive lips
Julia Child 1981 French Chef most appetizing lips
Howard Cosell 1981 Sportscaster most loquacious lips
Rodney Dangerfield 1981 Comedian least respected lips
Lady Diana 1981 Princess of Wales most di-namic lips
Lena Horne 1981 Singer most entertaining lips
John Irving 1981 Writer novel-est lips
Calvin Klein 1981 Designer most hip lips
Sugar Ray Leonard 1981 Boxer sweetest lips
John McEnroe 1981 Tennis player most self-serving lips
Sandra Day O'Connor 1981 Supreme Court Justice most supreme lips
Christopher Reeves 1981 Movie star super-est lips
Liz Taylor 1981 Actress foxiest lips
Barbara Walters 1981 Newscaster most persistent lips
Prince Andrew 1982 Royalty (dated Koo Stark) Koo-lest lips
Richard Burton 1982 Actor most Taylor-made lips
E.T. 1982 Movie star most homesick lips
Garfield the Cat 1982 Cartoon celebrity most purrfect lips
Richard Gere 1982 Movie star most gentlemanly lips
Ralph Lauren 1982 Designer most chap-ped lips
Don Meredith 1982 TV sportscaster dandiest lips
Richard Simmons 1982 TV star most exercised lips
Meryl Streep 1982 Movie star choicest lips
Sally Struthers 1982 Actress most glorious lips
Stevie Wonder 1982 Singer most wonderful lips
Moon Zappa 1982 Singer like most totally awesome lips
Jennifer Beals 1983 Movie star-Flashdance flashiest lips
Bono 1983 Rock star most bonofied lips
George Brett 1983 Baseball player stickiest lips
Tom Cruise 1983 Movie star riskiest lips
Carrie Fisher 1983 Movie star (married Paul Simon) most Simon-ized lips
John Lecarre 1983 Novelist most intriguing lips
Eddie Murphy 1983 Comedian least reserved lips
Nancy Reagan 1983 First Lady presidentially sealed lips
Sally K. Ride 1983 Astronaut most out-of-this-world lips
Diane Sawyer 1983 TV anchor best lips to wake up to
Sting 1983 Rock star hottest lips
Margaret Thatcher 1983 U.K. Prime Minister stiffest upper lip
Paul Volker, Jr. 1983 Federal Reserve Chairman most reserved lips
Boris Becker 1984 Tennis player most upsetting lips
Prince Charles 1984 Royalty most Di-vine lips
John Delorean 1984 Auto manufacturer most tried and true lips
Clint Eastwood 1984 Movie star most harried lips
Sally Field 1984 Movie star heartiest lips
Boy George 1984 Rock star most cultured lips
Wayne Gretsky 1984 Hockey player most puckered lips
Miss Liberty 1984 Statue most restored lips
Martina Navratilova 1984 Tennis player most tenn-acious lips
Walter Payton 1984 Football player sweetest lips
Mary Lou Retton 1984 Olympic gymnast most golden lips
Joan Rivers 1984 Comedienne cattiest lips
Willard Scott 1984 TV weatherman most weathered lips
Joan Collins 1985 TV star Dy-nastiest lips
Dwight Gooden 1985 Baseball player most striking lips
Mick Jagger 1985 Rock star (married Jerry Hall) most Hall-owed lips
Don Johnson 1985 TV star most arresting lips
Madonna 1985 Rock star most Penn-sive lips
William "Refrigerator" Perry 1985 Football player most unstoppable lips
Paul Prudhomme 1985 Chef Caj-iest lips
Maria Shriver 1985 TV news correspondent most engaging lips
Bruce Springsteen 1985 Rock star boss-est lips
Sylvester Stallone 1985 Movie star most rambunctious lips
Chuch Yeager 1985 Author/pilot test-iest lips
David Byrne 1986 Rock star (directed True Stories movie) tru-est lips
Bill Cosby 1986 TV actor most pop-ular lips
Carl Icahn 1986 Financier most acquisitive lips
Kitty Kelley 1986 Author (Sinatra bio) frankest lips
David Letterman 1986 TV star latest lips
Jim McMahon 1986 Football player most over-Bearing lips
William Rehnquist 1986 Supreme Court Justice most courtly lips
Pat Robertson 1986 Minister evangelips
Princess Stephanie of Monaco 1986 Royalty most designing lips
Sigourney Weaver 1986 Movie star most alienated lips
Vanna White 1986 Quiz show hostess most fortunate lips
Bruce Willis 1986 TV star most Cybil-ized lips
Glenn Close 1987 Movie star most fatal lips
Andre Dawson 1987 Baseball player most d'awesome lips
Paul Hogan 1987 Movie star most Auss-struck lips
Victor Hugo 1987 Novelist most miserable lips
Michael Jackson 1987 Rock star baddest lips
Ann Landers 1987 Columnist most advisable lips
Spuds McKenzie 1987 TV star best doggone lips
Lt. Col. Oliver North 1987 USMC most Contra-versial lips
Donald Trump 1987 Real-estate developer most towering lips
Gene Upshaw 1987 Union leader most striking lips
Bob Woodward 1987 Author most veiled lips
Baby Beatrice 1988 Royalty most bea-utiful lips
Tom Clancy 1988 Author most novel lips
Kevin Costner 1988 Movie star most adora-Bull lips
Michael Crawford 1988 Actor most phantasmagoric lips
Jamie Lee Curtis 1988 Movie star most Wanda-full lips
Malcom Forbes 1988 Publisher Most capitalips
Leona Helmsley 1988 Hotelier most Harried lips
Orel Hershiser 1988 Baseball player most dogged lips
Michael Jordan 1988 Basketball player most Bull-ish lips
Jay Leno 1988 TV star one liner lips
Greg Louganis 1988 Diver splashiest lips
Roseanne Barr 1989 TV star most-no-holds-Barred lips
Barbara Bush 1989 First Lady best-read lips
Wayne Gretsky 1989 Hockey player most pointed lips
Arsenio Hall 1989 TV star hippest lips
Bo Jackson 1989 Pro Athlete double-duty lips
Gary Larson 1989 Cartoonist most far-sided lips
Deborah Norville 1989 TV anchor today's lips
Michelle Pfeiffer 1989 Movie star fabulips
Lawrence Rawl 1989 Exxon Chairman slickest lips
Ronald Reagan 1989 U.S. President most outgoing lips
Pete Townshend 1989 Rock star whose lips
Lech Walesa 1989 Political leader most solid lips
Oprah Winfrey 1989 TV star fast-est lips
Candice Bergen 1990 TV star journalips
George Bush 1990 U.S. President best-read lips
Jennifer Capriati 1990 Tennis player most tenn-acious lips
Harrison Ford 1990 Movie star presumably innocent lips
Mikhail Gorbachev 1990 Soviet President most disarming lips
M.C. Hammer 1990 Rap artist can't touch these lips
Gregg Lemond 1990 Cyclist tour de lips
Demi Moore 1990 Movie star most spirited lips
Laura Palmer 1990 TV star most Peak-ed lips
Nolan Ryan 1990 Baseball player hitless lips
Bart Simpson 1990 TV star most underachieving lips
David Souter 1990 Supreme Court Justice zipped lips
Natalie Cole 1991 Singer unforgettable lips
Jimmy Connors 1991 Tennis player most comeback lips
Kevin Costner 1991 Movie star most heart-robin lips
Billy Crystal 1991 Movie star slickest lips
Alan Greenspan 1991 Federal Reserve Chairman low interest lips
Michael Jordan 1991 Basketball player air-o-dynamic lips
Willie Nelson 1991 Singer indebted lips
Geraldo Rivera 1991 TV personality over-exposed lips
Julia Roberts 1991 Movie star most wanted lips
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1991 Movie star most in-terminable lips
Norman Schwarzkopf 1991 U.S. Army General most en-Gulfed lips
John Sununu 1991 White House Chief of Staff grounded lips
Johnny Carson 1992 Television personality most missed lips
Bill Clinton 1992 U.S. President most am'bushing lips
Billy Ray Cyrus 1992 Singer achiest, breakiest lips
Elvis 1992 Singer/legend most sighted lips
John Grisham 1992 Author firmest lips
Lee Iacocca 1992 Automotive tycoon most retiring lips
Mae C. Jemison 1992 Astronaut most adventurous lips
Ross Perot 1992 Presidential candidate most lips
Michelle Pfeiffer 1992 Movie star most purrfect lips
Jerry Seinfeld 1992 TV star lip schtick
Fay Vincent 1992 Former baseball Commissioner out of commission lips
Wayne and Garth 1992 Movie stars most excellent lips...not!
Barney 1993 Costumed character dino lips
Hillary Rodham Clinton 1993 First Lady most reforming lips
Katie Couric 1993 TV star today's perkiest lips
Daryl Hannah 1993 Movie star most engaging lips
Phil Jackson 1993 Basketball coach most three-peat-a-Bull lips
David Letterman 1993 TV star top ten lips
Joe Montana 1993 Football player lips too good to pass up
Shaquille O'Neal 1993 Basketball player most 'attaqing' lips
Janet Reno 1993 U.S. Attorney General shoots from the lips
Michael Richards 1993 TV star (Seinfeld) most hair-raising lips
Pete Sampras 1993 Tennis player best lip service
Steven Spielberg 1993 Director most prehistoric lips
Andre Agassi 1994 Tennis player most shielded lips
Jim Carey 1994 Comedian/Actor most maskuline lips
Donald Fehr 1994 Baseball labor leader most striking lips
Dennis Franz 1994 TV star most arresting lips
John Goodman 1994 Actor most yabba-dabba-doo lips
Al Gore 1994 U.S. Vice President stiffest upper lip
Tom Hanks 1994 Movie star lips with the most gumption
Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Ice skater most silver-lined lips
Alexi Lalas 1994 Soccer player most defensive lips
Nelson Mandela 1994 South African President nobel-est lips
Anne Rice 1994 Author most immortal lips
Oprah Winfrey 1994 TV star most giving lips
George Clooney 1995 TV star Em-ER-gency lips
Courtney Cox 1995 TV star most friendly lips
Bill Gates 1995 Compuer wiz most micro soft lips
Newt Ginrich 1995 House Speaker most contracted lips
Kelsey Grammer 1995 TV star most Freudian lips
Ron Howard 1995 Movie director (Apollo 13) most apollogetic lips
Michael Jordan 1995 Basketball player most return-a-Bull lips
John F. Kennedy Jr. 1995 Magazine editor most eligible lips
Hideo Nomo 1995 Baseball player import lips of the year
Cal Ripken Jr. 1995 Baseball player most durable lips
Chita Rivera 1995 Broadway star (Kiss of the Spider Woman) most arachnophobic lips
Monica Seles 1995 Tennis player most courtable lips
Anonymous 1996 Author (Primary Colors) most exposed lips
Gary Barnett 1996 Rose Bowl coach Rose-iest lips
David Duchovny 1996 X-files actor most X-pressive lips
Helen Hunt 1996 Movie star most twisted lips
Michael Johnson 1996 Track star most dashing lips
Dalai Lama 1996 Religious figure most zensational lips
Susan Lucci 1996 Actress most overlooked lips
Bill Maher 1996 Talk show host driest lips
Rosie O'Donnell 1996 Talk show host most talkative lips
Dennis Rodman 1996 Basketball player most excite-a-Bull lips
John Travolta 1996 Actor most phenomenal lips
Amy Van Dyken 1996 Swimmer most breath-talking lips
Madeline Albright 1997 Secretary of State most diplomatic lips
Ron Carey 1997 Teamsters President most striking lips
Chelsea Clinton 1997 College Student frosh-est lips
Jeff Gordon 1997 Race Car Driver raciest lips
Martina Hingis 1997 Tennis Player most love-able lips
Evander Holyfield 1997 Boxer most ear-resistible lips
Gary Kasparov 1997 Chess Player most checked lips
Jenny McCarthy 1997 Actress (did ads for Candies shoes) most candie-coated lips
Leann Rimes 1997 Singer bluest lips
Will Smith 1997 Actor most alienated lips
Sheryl Swoopes 1997 Basketball Player most guarded lips
Liv Tyler 1997 Actress most inherited lips
Antonio Banderas 1998 Actor (Mask of Zorro) most Mask-uline lips
Brandy 1998 Singer/Actress most melodious lips
Neve Campbell 1998 Actress (Scream) most screaming lips
Matt Damon 1998 Actor most hunted lips
Cameron Diaz 1998 Actress most Mary-able lips
Rudolph Giuliani 1998 New York Mayor cleanest lips
Emeril Lagasse 1998 Chef spiciest lips
Eric LaSalle 1998 Actor most ER-resistable lips
Mark McGwire 1998 Baseball player (shared award w/S. Sosa) most smashing lips
Sarah McLachlan 1998 Singer fairest lips
Mark O'Meara 1998 Golfer (won Masters) most masterful lips
Sammy Sosa 1998 Baseball player (shared award w/McGwire) most smashing lips
David Spade 1998 Actor quickest lips

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Last updated on January 15, 1999